Saturday, July 20, 2013

Got lost looking for love...

Morning before arrival was full of panic about things still undone and mixed with trying to do those things as fast as possible - fixing the tents, waiting for some more tents to arrive, cleaning the house, buying loads of food (with the minor incident with milk that got under all other food and was leaking and left traces all over the shop I was walking) and constant texting with Italians about the way they should go.

Australian girl had arrived on Monday and felt quite home already, so next we were expecting the Italians to arrive, they started to cycle from Valga at 9.40am...should have arrived at 4pm the latest...but wind, Estonian "big mountains" and their romantic nature were not on their side. They went looking for a place called L├Áve that they found is equal to the word Love and they got lost in their way looking for love. Of course they just explained it as adapting to Estonian slow nature, that they were so slow to arrive but finally they did tired and hungry at 7pm but still lucky enough to get a wonderful oven cooked lamb for dinner. 
At 8.05pm we picked up the big group from bus station in Viljandi and already on the road back to farm I knew that we are gonna have lots of fun together, cause all of them seemed very active and talkative and different at the same time. By midnight almost everybody had taken the shower and I managed to go to sleep also, the volunteers accommodation area in tents looks like that (4 smaller tents and one big army tent):

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